What is the difference between a Snowdog and a Tinger Dog?

A lot of people are wondering the difference between a Snowdog and a Tinger Dog.

Hard shell, easy to remove cover

The hard shell cover on the Tinger Dog gives you added protection from impact, is easier to clean, and can be removed easily when you need access to the engine compartment.

Choose your own engine

Now you have a choice of FOUR (4) engine options for your machine! The Tingerdog is compatible with 4 engine choices: the Predator 420CC, Briggs&Stratton XR2100, Kohler CH440 or the Honda GX390. You can order your machine without an engine and install it yourself, or have your dealer install it for you.

Central Balance

The Tinger Dog’s new design is more balanced to prevent tipping when turning or when travelling on an incline. This makes the Tinger Dog easy to steer in almost any environment.

LED Light Bar

The large, integrated light bar provides even more light for night driving. With 6 super-bright LEDs you’ll always be able to see the way home. The LED is also integrated into the cover of the machine, protecting it from impact.

Snow plow attachment

Tinger Dog also features Snow Plow attachment! Clear your driveway, parking lot, sidewalks or even your ice fishing spot! The possibilities are endless!

New Seat Designs

The Tinger Dog seats and sleds also have new options! Use your Tinger Dog all year-round with a versatile wheeled trailer that incorporates your sled for more cargo capacity! There are also “bench” seats available, which allow for a more comfortable riding position, with maximum storage space under the seat.

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